This NBA season has been a journey and I’m glad we all made it out alive. Here are Five Insane Facts From the NBA season.


“This is just insane. LeBron, in Year 17 at 35 years old, just shot the highest FG% on 2s in NBA playoff history. Breaking his own record. He now has the best, 2nd best & 5th best marks in NBA playoff history.

Even prime Shaq never came close to this”.


According to reddit user u/Animation_Bat:

The season after filming their Space Jam movie, Michael Jordan & LeBron James won their 4th championship & their 4th Finals MVP. Jordan won 3 straight titles after filming Space Jam, it looks like LeBron may do the same.

With Space Jam 2 coming out soon, does that mean we’re in for a LeBron James’ threepeat?


Reddit user u/cobrakaistrikefree reports:

LeBron in 9 seasons since 2011 failure: 8 Finals appearances, 4 championships, 4 FMVPs. Averages of 29.2/9.4/7.3 on 59.6 TS% in 168 playoff games with 3 different franchises.

This is one of the most dominant decade by a single player in league history that was just layered with an NBA championship and Finals MVP.


Words from u/tdotadot reports:

Every time LeBron joined a new team, he came up short in their first year together, then won a championship in the second year.

I feel like this could be the core theme of his documentary down the road: unrelenting resilience. To recap:

2011: Failed to meet expectations in the first year of the Heat’s Big 3, lost to the Mavs

2012: Won his first title over OKC

2015: Lost to the OG Warriors after returning to Cleveland and having Kevin Love and Kyrie go down to injury

2016: You know the story

2019: Missed the playoffs entirely with an inexperienced supporting cast and the first major injury of his career

2020: We’re living the results right now. Teamed up with AD to put the Lakers on top once again

Obviously this is not groundbreaking news, but today I’ve been reflecting on how much he’s been able to get off the mat and win after facing defeat in so many different ways.


u/CryptoNite90 states:

Anthony Davis is the playoffs points leader with 582 points, LeBron is second with 580 points.

Anthony Davis scored the most points this playoffs with 582 points. LeBron James trailed very close behind with 580 points. Obviously with the assists LeBron was overall responsible for more points for the Lakers but would’ve been nice if LeBron had 3 more points.

We know we said five but here’s a bonus.

Finally, according to SilverscreenandRoll:

LeBron James told Anthony Davis ‘we’ve got more work to do’ in locker room while celebrating title

That pretty much says it all, it’s time for another threepeat.