A long time ago, there would be little to no reason to learn Python or another programming language if he/she didn’t pursue an IT-related career. However, many things have changed in the past years. The digital age has brought forth a new technology-focused system in which being computer literate is a highly sought trait. Programming has now become a trendy skill to have. Python has now become a popular language amongst professionals and non-professionals, and many people are now encouraged to learn it.

If you are someone that thinks he doesn’t need to learn any sort of programming language, here are some reasons that may convince you to learn Python.

1. You can make scripts for tedious tasks

For a moment, try to think about the things that you do every day. Surely, there is a certain task that you find tedious. Do you hate filling out online forms? Do you think that editing data in Excel spreadsheets a mind-numbingly tedious activity? Do you need to send emails to a large number of addresses but are too lazy to do so? Fear not, Python gives you the ability to let your computer do those tasks for you.

Python is a programming language that is widely used to make scripts. These scripts can be made and modified specifically to accomplish a task depending on the user’s needs. Why spend hours of your time doing the same repetitive tasks when you can have a Python script finish it in seconds?

2. It makes your resume much more impressive

Many companies today are looking for tech-savvy employees in this digital age. It allows them to explore new technologies and advanced business solutions, which gives them more efficient and effective ways to accomplish tasks. Knowing any programming language makes you more desirable for these companies, as it shows them that you are good with computers. Plus, if you’re working in a non-IT company, wouldn’t it feel awesome to be the only employee who knows how to code?

3. It helps develop your problem-solving skills

It is a common misconception that learning the syntaxes is the hardest part of learning how to program. In actuality, learning syntax is the easiest part. In a real-life situation, you wouldn’t even need to memorize the syntaxes due to the many references available. The actual hard part about programming is attempting to accomplish a task by using different types of logical solutions.

Essentially, all programmers will need to have problem-solving skills, which can be easily developed through Python. This problem-solving is a useful skill to have and is applicable in many aspects of our lives.

4. It helps you understand more about computers and technology – on a software level

As with any programming language, Python helps us to understand more about the intricacies of how software in our computers and technologies work. By knowing how certain tasks are done in many programs, you can learn to appreciate the structure of various software and technologies.

To add, knowing more about computers can help you in everyday life. You’ll understand what the heck an error code means, what RAM is and why it can’t be downloaded online, and so much more.

Learn Python

5. Python is beginner-friendly, yet incredibly powerful

This is a cliché in many sources, but it cannot be said enough: Python is a programming language best for beginners.

Python is made to be simple to read and write, which makes it easier for anyone to learn the language. The classic “Hello, World!” program in Java is written in ‘System.out.println(“Hello, World!”);’. In Python, it is written simply as ‘print(“Hello, World!”)’. You don’t need to know what “System.out.println” means, and you don’t need to write a long line just to display a simple sentence.

Simplicity and readable code are one of Python’s core philosophies, as shown in the first four lines of the Zen of Python:

• Beautiful is better than ugly.
• Explicit is better than implicit.
• Simple is better than complex.
• Complex is better than complicated.

Don’t let its simplicity fool you, however. Python is a powerful language with so many features and capabilities. It’s no wonder why it’s currently one of the most popular programming languages right now.

In summary, the Python programming language is something that everyone should learn right now. Not only is it stupidly easy to learn, but it is also incredibly powerful and useful in our daily lives. Consider learning Python. It will feel good knowing that you fully utilized your time in developing a new skill.