The benefits of therapy and seeing a psychologist has been around for centuries, but it only became popular in the United States after therapists started to apply psychology to the workforce and military. Psychologists left the world of academia to help employers determine which employees would be beneficial for their companies and to evaluate members of the United States Military. From there, therapy grew in popularity as people realized the benefits of having someone impartial to talk to about the problems they deal with throughout their lives. Today it is easy to find therapists in-person and online, but many people still struggle to decide if they should see a therapist. Regardless, seeing a therapist can assist almost everyone. Visit our article Choosing a Psychiatrist: 5 Tips for Finding a Good Fit.

Why do some people have difficulty making the decision to start therapy?

Unfortunately, society often considers people who see a therapist to be weak or overly-emotional. Some careers look down on therapy so much that they persuade their employees not to seek help. This stigma surrounding therapy keeps many people away from finding a therapist even if they know they will benefit from it. Therapy also takes time and often occurs during normal business hours, and some people decide it isn’t worth it to take time off of work to see a therapist. No matter what the person’s justification is, therapy can help anyone improve their life. Here are three reasons visiting a psychologist can change your emotional well-being.

A different point of view.

The therapist you choose will likely come from a different background than you. Their experiences and training allow them to listen to your concerns and help you see them in a new light. Ideals and concepts that you may have grown up believing to be set in stone might not be such a cause of distress for others. What you consider to be an enormous burden might look and feel different when you talk to a therapist who can work through the issue with you. One of the most powerful viewpoints a therapist can offer is one that you might never have considered before.

An impartial person to talk with.

An extremely valuable aspect of therapy is being able to talk about whatever it is that is bothering you without being openly judged by the person you’re talking to. Where your mother or friend might cut you off to give you their opinion, a therapist will allow you to guide the conversation and encourage you by asking questions when appropriate. A therapist will rarely give you their specific opinion but rather help you come to your own conclusions by talking through what’s going on in your life.

Active solutions to real-life problems.

benefits of therapy

Therapists are trained not to offer advice or critiques, but they do have the tools to provide their clients with that will help them work through their issues. Those tools are often called “homework assignments” and consist of everything from coloring to journaling. These assignments may seem silly at the time they are suggested, but clients often realize that they discover more about themselves when they are completing simple activities. The therapist will not tell you what to do, but they will help guide you as you make decisions regarding your life.

There are so many more reasons to attend therapy than are discussed in this article, but these three benefits to see a therapist are some of the most important. Having a kind, well-trained person to talk to on a regular basis is invaluable to the mental and emotional health of anyone struggling. Even people who don’t consider themselves to be struggling with something specific can take away peace of mind and a sense of calm from therapy. There are stigmas and misconceptions about seeing a therapist, but at the end of the day, choosing to visit a therapist will improve many aspects of your life.

This article was originally written on therightpro but has been reproduced with permission at Only One GOAT.